Get Closures for Java Now!

The general state of affairs at Sun/ Oracle is very sad. If you are like me, you cannot take this much longer. Fortunately enough my esteemed colleague Håkan Råberg has invented what is at least a molotov cocktail perhaps even a guillotine to the revolution of java software development. Yes, I am talking about the modestly named, which brings the Ruby enumerable module and closures to java. Without a special compiler, just by pushing the boundaries and enhancing byte code.

I created this little screencast, that shows how to get up and running with

There is also a hi-res version of the videos on google docs (approx. 20M download size).

For more examples and explanation watch Håkan’s blog and read the source.

Now, go, download and, enjoy!






2 responses to “Get Closures for Java Now!”

  1. Alex Singh Avatar
    Alex Singh

    hello matey, remember me?

    Trying some christian coding in Java and wanted to have linq functionality but in Java and saw your post.

    Have you tried lambdaj ( If so then how does this compare to

    BTW great screencast!

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