Gog Magog Walk

Today Arne and I ventured out to explore rural England. We did the Gog Magog Walk from Arne’s “Walks around Cambridge” guide.

The first thing that caught my attention was this chair:

Another typical feature of the English landscape is the open fuse box:

Also we learnt what a copse is:

And more importantly that it actually deserves a name (we just saw Anne’s Copse):

And of course we need a picture of our heroes in the winter idyll. As you can clearly see there as about half an inch of snow. This amounts to adverse weather conditions and hence treacherous roads. We felt like invading Russia…






2 responses to “Gog Magog Walk”

  1. […] Felix und ich waren gestern bei Cambridge auf dem Gog Magog Walk (aus dem Pathfinder Guide Cambridgeshire and the Fens) unterwegs. Bericht mit Bildern bei Felix. […]

  2. Tiest Avatar

    hmmm. That’s a bit non-PC at the end there – just like the Felix I enjoy!

    So how come you didn’t come visit, eh? We could have braved the inch of snow and come for a walk with you 🙁

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