Last Thursday I had the honour of giving a talk on the seaside web framework. It is implemented in smalltalk and it provides a lot of interesting ideas:

  • Using builders rather than templates to spit out html.
  • A component model for composing interfaces as well as for expressing page flow.
  • Encaspulating Ajax goodness
  • Excellent debugging and monitoring tool support

  • An interesting optional metadata driven approach to the UI (magritte)

It has a small but constantly growing and dedicated community. Below I added a list of starting points


  • The seaside homepage
  • The tutorial of the HPI is probably the best way to learn about seaside and its world
  • Ramon Leon is blogging regularly about more advanced topics.
  • Lukas Renggli is the creator of magritte
  • DabbleDB is implemented in Seaside and a very interesting application.
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