Holiday in Spain

Very recently I had the pleasure of exploring Spain. Here are some of my Impressions:

I was climbing a bit on the Peñon d’Ifach (the spelling is probably wrong):

Futhermore I was seeing Spanish supermarkets. Luckily I stumbled across the following packaging (soy extra grueso).

I also went to see my old flatmate Andy from Hanover Gardens in Alicante.

Which is a very charming place with good mochitos.

Of course there was Barcelona. Capital of the Katalans. And famous katalan Musicians and so forth as the guide on the bus tour kept explaining.
This is good old Columbus (The other day I went down to Trafalgar Square to see Nelson, who gave the Spanish a bit of a beating up – 😉 ).

There was also the Fiesta Major in Gracia.

And as you can tell from the following image I had a really good time. I also saw loads of other stuff, but that was more or less the usual: the beach, Gaudi, and all.

Verdict: Spain is a cool place.

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3 Responses to Holiday in Spain

  1. Sabine says:


  2. Marie F. says:

    Oye chico,

    que bien que te haya gustado España. Sabes que mis padres tienen un apartamento cerca de Alicante? Y Barcelona, capital de los catalanes, los muy bobos, a ver cuánto tiempo sigue siendo parte de España. Ojala para siempre… A mi me encanta.

    La siguiente vez vamos junto. Si te gusta ir en tren, claro.

    Supongo que mi artículo sobre Barcelona lo viste?

    Saludos MJF

  3. Marie F. says:

    And here goes the marvellous translation by Yahoo´s babelfish:

    Boy hears, that well that you have liked Spain. You know that my parents have an apartment near Alicante? And Barcelona, capital of the Catalans, the very clowns, to see how long continues being part of Spain. Hopefully for always… it enchants to me. The following time we go together. If you like to go in train, clearly. I suppose that my article on dresses it to Barcelona? Greetings MJF

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