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Questionable Semantics

I just stumbled across the concept of ZipFileSet in ant. A closer examination confirmed my suspicion. A ZipFileSet can be two pretty different things. We should stop spoiling young programmers using such outflows from a sick minds that are not … Continue reading

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Environment Variables Considered Harmful

If you are getting your configuration from environment variables you are in trouble. You should always use commandline parameters to make the configuration explicit. On the other hand it seems acceptable to use envrionment variables as default values for those … Continue reading

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Longing for Meaning

Might just be the post hangover depression, but I woke up this morning with a great longing for meaning. Why do we use all kinds of tools that actually hide the meaning and intention of our programs. I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Anna Ternheim and the Java Process Class

I just discovered Anna Ternheim, a nice Swedish Singersongwriter. I am listening to here Album Separation Road and try to call an external process from groovy which after all uses the Java API to perform such tasks. Given the slightly … Continue reading

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DOS Batches from Hell

Aforementioned idiots do also have strong propensity for crappy batchfiles. The DOS command interpreter is a truly diabolic beast. It forces you to work in a way that we know is sure to get you fucked since the days of … Continue reading

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The Perceived Generalist vs. Specialist Divide

I recently witnessed a debate about “agile development” and the fact that you need more generalists than on “waterfall projects”. Such generalisations make me always angry. My impression over the last years is that it’s mostly the people with the … Continue reading

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Eigentlich wollte ich heute schreiben, was für ein Scheißdreck WebSphere ist, was für Zwergenhirne ant für ein tolles Tool halten und was für eine schwachsinnige Idee es ist MS SQL als Backend für eine Java Anwendung zu verwenden. All das … Continue reading

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DabbleDB – Excel Killer

Today I finally signed up for a free trial of dabbledb. It’s a web-wased Database App. It supports multiple users and has sophisticated data import and normalization options. It is aimed at all the non-numbercrunching stuff that is done in … Continue reading

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Seaside and Smalltalk

When I started my studies back in 1997 Smalltalk everyone new that Smalltalk would be the next big thing in Corporate IT. So we’ve been taught using this environment. I’ve got to admit, that it challenged many of my preconceptions … Continue reading

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Debugging JavaScript

Today I have been pointed to Venkman the Mozilla JavaScript Debugger. It has all the nice things you expect: Breakpoints, Variables, Watches and can be installed as a Firefox-Plugin.

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