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Questionable Semantics

I just stumbled across the concept of ZipFileSet in ant. A closer examination confirmed my suspicion. A ZipFileSet can be two pretty different things. We should stop spoiling young programmers using such outflows from a sick minds that are not … Continue reading

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Longing for Meaning

Might just be the post hangover depression, but I woke up this morning with a great longing for meaning. Why do we use all kinds of tools that actually hide the meaning and intention of our programs. I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Anna Ternheim and the Java Process Class

I just discovered Anna Ternheim, a nice Swedish Singersongwriter. I am listening to here Album Separation Road and try to call an external process from groovy which after all uses the Java API to perform such tasks. Given the slightly … Continue reading

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Test Driving Eclipse Plugins

This week I started writing a few automated test cases for the jbehave eclipse plugin. I used Beck’s and Gamma’s “Contributing to Eclipse” as a starting point. They provide a simple test fixture that allows you to create java projects, … Continue reading

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Now that jdk 1.6 is finally out, I think it´s a good time to have a closer look at jdk 1.5. Of course I read that they included Doug Lea´s concurrency utils, but I never got around actually browsing the … Continue reading

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Why Java Sucks

Today I stumbled across a bug in the java file handling on windows. On Windows you can have multiple Strings denoting the same file. Like “TEST.txt” and “test.txt”. If you create two file Objects with different names accessing the same … Continue reading

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Prospector – Advantages of Static Typing

In my Opinion the only valid argument for static typing is better tool support. While refactoring capabilites of state-of-the-art Java IDEs are pretty good, there are other possibilities to assist the developer. One such way is shown by Prospector a … Continue reading

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Naked Objects – Born Again

Eitan Suez has just open-sourced his JMatter framework which is an implementation of the Naked Object Paradigm explained in a Book by Pawson and Matthews. This Programming Model seems to be very expressive. As far as I know JMatter is … Continue reading

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Use TAB in JTextArea for Focus Traversal

Lukily I found this article, which explains how to change the behaviour.

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Communicating Sequential Processes in Java

Oft kann man die Probleme von Multithreading umgehen, indem eine hoehere Abstraktionsebene einsetzt, z.B. CSPs . Es gibt da auch eine halb offene Java Implementierung.

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