Category: GUI

  • Naked Objects – Born Again

    Eitan Suez has just open-sourced his JMatter framework which is an implementation of the Naked Object Paradigm explained in a Book by Pawson and Matthews. This Programming Model seems to be very expressive. As far as I know JMatter is the first professional implementation, that provides persistency in a database as well as a rather…

  • Use TAB in JTextArea for Focus Traversal

    Lukily I found this article, which explains how to change the behaviour.

  • Beyond Java

    After my recent post about the advent of the sunset of java I’ve read Bruce Tate’s “Beyond Java”, which seems to fall into line with my argument. What I did particularly like about the book was the statement that Java is a language for system programming (which cached in on a lot of shortcomings of…

  • Forms and Binding for SWT

    Yesterday I learnt that Karsten’s brilliant

  • Input Validation

    Was mir heute noch kam: Der übliche Ansatz (für Swing glänzend implementiert durch JGoodies Validation) besteht darin, dass beim Validieren für einzelne Felder eine Fehlermeldung und eine Fehlerkategorie (Fehlender Wert, ungültiger Wert) angegeben werden kann. Zusätzlich könnte noch eine Action übergeben werden, die bei der Fehlerbehbung zur Hand geht. Ähnlich den Quickfixes in Eclipse. Existiert…