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“Hallmark of the Stupid”-Series – First Instalment – Velocity

There is a lot of nasty stuff to be said about velocity, but today I complain about it’s stupid whitespace-ridden syntax and it’s equally stupid error messages. I just got this one: Parser Exception: templates/myoldtemplate.vm Encountered “}” at line 19, … Continue reading

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A Screen Camera in Java

Today I wrote a little class that allows to repeatedly capture the screen content and write the result to a flash file. It created a flash video with one frame per second (this is a bit crude) with one frame … Continue reading

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Implementing Custom Quicksilver Actions

As it was a nice London day today – wind, rain, sunny spells and a cosy 15?C all that, I spent the day with my Mac learning how to get more out of Quicksilver. I was wondering for some time … Continue reading

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Wenn sich der aktuelle Sprachtrend fortsetzt, wird man den Kindern in der Schule wohl bald sagen müsssen: “Päckchen mit Käse-Ä” – ganz analog zum Vogel-V. Interessant ist, dass die Rechtschreibung den umgekehrten Weg geht, z.B. aufwändig. Man könnte natürlich auch … Continue reading

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