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Geld sparen und die Welt verbessern

Im Grunde meines Herzens finde ich ja die folkloristischen Umtriebe der katholischen Kirche ganz lustig. Wenn das ganze aber in Richtung strafrechtliche Relevanz geht, hört der Spaß wohl doch auf. Ein kurzer Besuch beim Bund der Steuerzahler brachte folgende Erkenntnis: … Continue reading

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Dead Object Frameworks

I just came up with a new categorisation of application frameworks, which funnily enough places rails and most of the hibernate based java approaches in the same category: dead object framework. What do I mean with that? Well being all … Continue reading

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Lessons learnt from using LaTeX

It has been a while since I last used LaTeX. And things have moved on. I wanted to write a paper as well as preparing some slides. I also had to include vector graphics and bitmaps as well as source … Continue reading

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Mockito to the Rescue

After all the abuse in my previous post, I feel a bit guilty. Luckily Mockito provides a way out of that problem by allowing hamcrest matchers being used to verify arguments. Here we go: verify(listener).propertyChange( (PropertyChangeEvent)argThat( new HasEqualState( new PropertyChangeEvent(holder, … Continue reading

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Hallmark of the Stupid: PropertyChangeEvent

What troubles me with java is, that the implementors of its standard library utterly failed at setting an example. Java developers don’t know how to do proper christian oo, because every time they peek into the library sources they see … Continue reading

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Schöne Wörter

Muss gerade mal festhalten, dass “halbseiden”, “überspannt” und “altbacken” schöne deutsche Wörter sind, die sich so nicht ohne weiteres ins Englische übersetzen lassen.

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